Food floristry school


 Learn to create beautiful and tasty bouquets!

What do you get from Our workshops?

You will really enjoy the learning process

You will assemble beautiful bouquets very quickly as if by magic

Certificate of completion awarded after each course

One sold bouquet and you will get back the cost of the workshop

Best gifts are edible!

3 easy steps to start

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Our Workshops


Food Florist Beginner

Learn a new profession step by step with us! 
We will teach you how to do magic!

During the training you will:

  • Learn to pick fruits.
  • Get familiar with the color schemes.
  • Learn all the fixation techniques of fruits, bottles and decorative elements.
  • Master the assembly of bouquets and create 3 fruit bouquets of different sizes.
  • Overmaster 2 types of packaging.

Fruit bouquets and baskets course

We welcome you at the second part of our food floristry course.

This course includes a  theory of food floristry and step by a step video tutorial on the assembly of fruit compositions such as fruit bouquets and baskets with different products. We share all our secrets and experience we have gathered for so many years.

This course is designed especially to guide you through the theoretical part, including

  • General theory of food floristry
  • Fasteners in fruit compositions
  • Flowers, dried flowers and greenery treatment
  • Selection of fruits and other ingredients
  • Coloristic (color proportions)

Berry bouquets and boxes course

We welcome you to the third part of our food floristry course

This course includes a step by step video tutorials on the assembly of berry compositions. We share all our secrets and experience we have gathered for so many years. 

This course includes step by step tutorial on the assembly of:

  • Strawberry bouquets in spiral and parallel technique
  • Berry box with marshmallows and flowers
  • Blackberry bouquet with flowers in spiral technique
  • Cherry bouquet with flowers in spiral technique

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be needing skewers, scissors, stapler, pruning shears, tape, wrapping paper, stretch film, capsules. Fruits and vegetables of your choice.

Easy and fun!

A couple of minutes after short registration and payment, you will receive an email with the link. It will take you on an exciting journey into the world of edible bouquets!
Just click the link pour a cup of tea and enjoy!

Very simple, right?

Our team is always there to help you. All you need to succeed is a little bit of hard work. 

Yes, of course! Once you bought the workshop, you can use it whenever you want.

Available at regular flower or specialty stores.

In hypermarkets, in sections for grilling and holidays.

Within 10 minutes. Usually link is sent immediately! Check the Spam folder if it takes too long. If it is not there, feel free to write to us and we will solve the problem asap! 

Yes! After submitting your homework, you will get a certificate!

Yes, because we explain everything as detailed as possible, from A to Z. All topics are covered as deep as possible. 

We will do our best for you to succeed! But it all depends on you. After all, we have already prepared a very detailed course. Should you be having difficulties, we are here to help.

If you still have questions just contact us

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30% OFF Coupon
Special discount for the bundle purchase!
*Coupon is valid for a purchase of 3 courses at once
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