Food floristry school

Learn a new profession step by step with us!

We will teach you how to do magic!

What will you learn?

  • Choosing products
  • Handling flowers correctly
  • Using all the fixation techniques of fruits, bottles and decorative elements
  • Working with the color wheel
  • Creating 3 fruit and vegetable bouquets of different sizes
  • Wrapping bouquets in two different ways

Who might need this workshop?

  • Beginners in the world of FOOD floristry, those who want to create bouquets and sell them
  • Those who dream of their own business, but don’t know where to start
  • Those who are ready to change their life and move towards the dream step by step


  1. Theory of FOOD-floristics
  2. Round fruit bouquet
  3. Cascading bouquet with a vertical bottle mount
  4. Around large bouquet with a horizontal bottle mount

First Global school of food floristry. 

What it is? 

From simple to advanced. During this course, you will receive fundamental knowledge of fruit bouquets. This will help you with starting and developing your business in the future. 

Attentive and professional support of students in real-time – chief florists of Tasty Bouquets are always online for help.

Price 49.99$

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